Let's Eat

Yummmm!  You will find here:

  • Hand formed rustic style pan bread
  • Rustic house-made pastries
  • Cookies to do cartwheels over
  • Light breakfast
  • Fresh, crunchy, crisp salads
  • Warm, tasty homemade soups
  • Focaccia - featuring the freshest local toppings
  • Special orders for parties

Time it right and sweet rewards are yours!
Sweet and savory pastries, bread and treats throughout the day. Plus Seasonal Specials following our local growing seasons.

Gorgeous Breakfast Sandwich:  @ 7:00am
Savoy biscuit w/frittata, cheddar &  option of a  breakfast meat or not.

Breakfast Focaccia: at 9:00 am
Bacon, egg, swiss and kale on classic focaccia.

Pine Street Piggies: @ 10:30am
A delightful fold of ham, cheddar & whole grain mustard baked in baguette dough.

Baker's Sammie:  @10:am
Sliced baguette w/light meat, cheese & house vinaigrette

Loaded Focaccia: @ 11:00am
Meat or Vegetarian. Soft crusty flatbread, baked with various seasonal toppings.

Classic Focaccia: @ 11:00am
Roasted garlic, fresh herbs& parmaesan cheese, baked flatbread.

Salads: Made to order
Zion greens with house-made croutons and Meg's legendary dressing.

Soup: Hand crafted daily from scratch.  Local, fresh, seasonal.

Sandwich Board Specials:  Paninis, Sammies, Salad specials, created daily.


  • Focaccia - hot out of the oven
  • Seasonal_fruit_goodness
  • 206035_376683405712011_244625178917835_908000_1062541112_n
  • Macaroons
  • hot_buns