Pine Street Bakery is Merging with Pine Street Kitchen!

With the return of the Spring blossoms we are thrilled to announce some major changes happening at Pine Street. After much consideration over the winter, we have made the exciting decision to merge our two businesses into one, highlighting the best of both. In mid- April we will begin a minimally invasive remodel, including opening up the wall between PSB and PSK to expand our dining room and reconfiguring both kitchens to function as one. We will have one single, larger space under the name Pine Street Bakery! This transition will allow us to grow our overall menu and hours by expanding our pastry and bread programs, sandwich offerings and to bring back pizza, beer, wine, and kombucha. This move will also give our Wholesale Program room to breathe and to grow.

Megan, Clint, and five adventurous employees opened the doors for business at 7am on June 12, 2012.  We had to close before 11am that morning, because there was nothing more to sell.  We ran out the next day and the next, finally producing enough on the sixth day to last until closing time.  By the end of the second week, we had scrambled to find more help, and thankfully hired our first dedicated dishwasher.  Sometime that first summer, we had grown to 13 employees—a 260% staff increase.  Today, we employ 31 terrific people. It has been a wild, fun, delicious and fruitful journey to get to now.

A few Pine Street Bakery facts:

  • Gallons of drip coffee made:  8,042 in last 4 years.  Equivalent to over 500 kegs of beer.  If you stacked the empty paper cups up, the stack would be nearly half a mile high.  If you stacked full cups, it would be twice as tall as Mt Hood!
  • Baguettes made since opening: 204,000, or 76.5 tons, enough wheat to fill a train car half full
  • Floors mopped:  2,118.  62 football fields worth!
  • Cinnamon Rolls rolled:  48,000.  Unrolled end to end, that would stretch almost 12 miles

After two years of dishing up dinner to The Heights Neighborhood of Hood River, Pine Street Kitchen switched modes last October following the devastating Eagle Creek fire. We put our efforts into special events, holiday parties and having fun in the kitchen, hosting pop-ups with friends. We opened up the PSK space to the talented Chef Jon Moch of Nashi Ramen in January of 2018 and he and his staff have been serving up incredible Japanese inspired cuisine for the past 3 months. Nashi will be serving their last bowl of Ramen at PSK on Sunday, April 8, 2018. Join us as we send them off on their next adventure!

As Jon and Nashi end, we will begin tearing down our walls. No need to fear, Pine Street Bakery will stay open during the construction and we are working towards a completion date of early May 2018.   Check back here for more stories and updates, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter as we have so much more to tell!

We are both proud of, and grateful for, the team that is Pine Street and are thrilled to merge both families into one.  Without their hard work, suggestions, and implementation of our ideas, this boat would not float.  Thank you to all our customers for supporting us over the years. We appreciate your patronage, smiling faces, and patience through this transition.