Megan Davis moved to Hood River from the Puget Sound in 1995 and opened a small coffee and baked goods shop outside Windance. Hungry sailors and tourists stopped there for hot muffins, breakfast burritos, great coffee, and her signature peach kuchen. At her small home on the westside, she planted nearly an acre of garden and set up shop at the local farmer's market with fresh vegetables, greens, flowers, and homemade granola. She managed the small coffee shop/bakery prior to marrying Clint  Harris in 1999.

Years later, they temporarily relocated to Portland for Clint’s graduate school pursuit, and Megan took employment with the family business, Grand Central Bakery. Grand Central was established in Seattle in 1972 by her mother, and is still owned and run by her brother Ben and sister Piper. Megan managed several of the busiest Portland retail bakeries prior to returning to Hood River when Clint graduated. Megan was happy to be back in her Hood River home with her horses and her friends. Frequently, an impromptu meal for 4-6 in their small house turned into 14-16 for dinner, with friends inviting each other over for memorable meals. Friends and family have long pressured Megan to capitalize on her passion for feeding people. Whether at home, at horse shows, on ski trips, or at the family farm east of Goldendale, Megan thrives when sharing her love of hand-crafted, home-raised, and locally sourced food, and especially the art of baking.

Now, after years of planning, borrowing, studying, tasty kitchen research, and extra education, Pine Street Bakery has opened its doors in Hood River (to the delight of Megan, Clint, their friends and family.) Expecting to employ 6-7 people the first year, Pine Street Bakery has quickly added help as business started with a bang! In the initial crazy first weeks, we expanded the payroll to keep up with demand, and doubled our workforce. Demand has been unexpectedly great, and we are thrilled! We were quite anxious about purchasing a nine-foot tall rotating rack oven with a history, named Ovenzilla--but it is working out quite well, and has become a trusted workhorse.

Our goal is to provide a personal experience similar to showing up for a meal at our cozy house on short notice. Come find a sunny accessible neighborhood seat to meet your friends or to make new ones. You might just be sitting next to the farmer who grew your salad, the orchardist who grew the apples in your pie, or the rancher who provided the wheat for your bread or the eggs in your strata. The menu will change with the seasons, reflecting the availability of local farm fare. Keep up with our changing menu and special offerings on FaceBook or our website, and share your enthusiasm for locally sourced food, local farms, and local flavor.